Fund To Care For the Sea - Kukuu Village, Pemba

Kukuu Village is the eco-credit pilot in Zanzibar

The Village is a leader in natural resources management

Patrolling the Mangrove Forest

MKUBA – Fund to Care for the Sea


GreenFi started working with our first clients Mwamabo Coastal Community Network, a Tanzaniza NGO, and UK based Fauna and Flora International in July 2018 to support Kukuu Village run and eco-credit group.

The eco-credit groups in Zanzibar are called MKUBA or “Fund to Care for the Sea” from the Swahili Mfuko wa Kutunza Bahari. 


Kukuu is a village based in at the south of Pemba Island. Zanzibar, Tanzania. Mwambao Coastal Community Network began working with Kukuu Shehia Fishers Committee (SFC)* in 2016 to develop and implement a community-based management plan for coastal resources. Through this support Kukuu are the first community in Zanzibar to develop a Management Plan for marine resources.


They have active permanent and temporary fisheries closures and a revenue sharing mechanism to ensure equitable sharing of revenue from openings of the tempoorary fisheries closure.

*Shehia Fishers Committee (SFC): elected village body responsibly for decision regarding marine resources

Mkuba videos

Get an overview of the Mkuba eco-credit scheme by watching our animation, available in English and Swahili.

For a deeper understanding of the community-based management work Kukuu village are completing with support from Mwambao Coastal Community Network and their partners, take a look at the “Kamati ya uvuvi yenye ufansi – A Pemban village fisher committee shares their success”




Mkuba was launched in July 2018 in Kukuu Shehia (village).  A performance-based grant along with training helped the community to set up and run a revolving loan fund with environmental actions included in the loan terms.

Mkuba Objective:  To provide incentives for the community’s own marine resources plan (see image to right hand side)

Set up details:

  • Initial performance grant was USD $4,200
  • 132 members formed 5 Groups including Seaweed Farmers, Foot Fishers, Net Fishers, Mangrove planters, Shehia Fisheries Committee (SFC)*
  • Initial loans were given to half the members with subsequent loans made from repayments
  • Members made ecosystem commitments against each loan
  • The system has been managed by the groups with oversight from the Shehia Fishers Committee (SFC)

*Shehia Fishers Committee (SFC): elected village body responsibly for decision regarding marine resources

Map of Kukuu village Management Plan


Loans management

  • 255 loans have been disbursed worth $15,570 (TSh.35.6m)
  • Most members are on 2nd loans, some are on 3rd loans
  • The fund has grown by 16% ($660 – TSh.1.5m) from the collection of form fees (Islamic Sharia law compliant). The fund increase remains in ownership of the groups
  • Loan sizes have grown from $61 to $131 (TSh.140k to 300k)
  • All groups have added a saving component

Environmental commitments

  • 15,000 mangrove propagules have been planted communally
  • Community patrols of the fishing closures have reduced the burden on the Shehia Fishers Committee (SFC)

Communities report:

  • Improved understanding and management of marine resources
  • Increased participation in community patrol
  • Reducing illegal activities
  • Restoration of mangroves started
  • Increased social cohesion

Enterprise support                                       

  • 28 types of livelihood activity supported
  • Member self-scoring of own business indicated 82% were fair to very good
  • Business training given to first 30 members and all members will be trained
  • Communities report increased trading, business activity and income

Results information is up to December 2019.

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